Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dave Lieber's music

I finally finished digitizing Dave Lieber's music, made the CDs, and got them off in the mail to him today. I spoke to Dave on the phone last year and he was saying that he no longer had recordings of any of his music. Luckily for Dave, he sent me copies over the years and I still had them. He actually had a recording of the first time that the two of us jammed together in the winter of 75/76. What a hoot it was to listen to it again. We've both come a very long way since then (musically & spiritually). My favorite tunes were "Tiananmen Square" and "Ride on the Wings of Heaven".

In the final years before his marriage Dave was writing and recording like crazy. I can hear the influence of Steely Dan in his songs. He was hanging out with a bunch of very talented Hasidic Jazz musician's (no gigs on the Sabbath) at the time. They played at his wedding, which was without a doubt the best wedding band that I have ever heard. They would start off playing these Yiddish folk songs that would melt in to improvisational Heaven. I stood there and listened until his friends pulled me into the dancing circle. Shots of vodka and guy's lighting their hats on fire while they danced. I had a great time until my wife made me leave. It was an Orthodox ceremony and she was "insulted" that the women were separated from the men. Some people just don't have any respect for other people's cultures. I think it's fascinating and have always enjoyed learning about customs and cultures. RESPECT is the key to getting along. If we all showed each other a little more of it there would be no hatred or war.

It is always worthwhile to surround yourself with musicians that are better than you are. It improves your instrumental chops and writing. My philosophy is that I want to be the least talented musician in my band.

I asked Dave if he would allow me to make a web site for him and post some of his songs on Barnyard Sounds. Hopefully he will agree so you can all hear my talented friend.

Be good...

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