Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The best Easter ever

Well Lent is over and the Passion has played once again. I'm going to miss playing the guitar at Bethlehem for the "Holden Evening Prayer". I went to all of the services this week beginning with Palm Sunday's celebration, Wednesday's Seder meal service, Maundy Thursday's stripping of the altar, Good Friday's Tenebrae service, Saturday's powerful Easter Vigil service, and Easter Sunday's Resurrection service. It was spiritually fulfilling. The Easter bunny didn't make an appearance but the Holy Ghost did.

Meanwhile back on Earth 2318 American soldier's have died, more than 10,000 American soldiers have been wounded, 314 contractors have died, and approximately 35,000 Iraqi's have died because of DicknBush's war. They have spent over two hundred and seventy four billion of our tax dollars so far (thanks for the tax cut fellas) and plan on spending as whole lot more before they're done with their bloodbath. Dubya is a born again Christian? What Bible has he been reading? I'm guessing that he's a really slow reader and must still be on the Old Testament (an eye for an eye). I can't wait till he gets to the New Testament (forgive your enemies). Unfortunately it may be too late for all of us by then.

Be good...

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